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1. Do I need to pay any charges to register as Volunteer?
No, there is no charge to become a volunteer

2. Will I get a certificate for Volunteering in PCM?
Yes, a certificate of appreciation will be sent to you via mail after the completion of the event.

3. Why do I need to provide details of 2 Supporting volunteers?
We need you to team up with two supporting volunteers as a part of risk management and to ensure successful implementation of event. Also, to assist you and the organization for pre/during & after event preparation.

4. My role is to finalize venue, Do I need to pay the venue charges?
No, Venue charges will be raised from the sponsors fees. However, you are expected to help PCM team in finding partner

5. Do I need to do marketing?
Yes, we expect you to conduct local promotional campaigns for inviting delegates and speakers, however guidance and back-office support will be provided by PCM team.

6. What is a referee? And why do I need to give that detail?
Referee is any known person in your contact, we use these details to validate information furnished by you while applying for volunteering at PCM.

7. Will I get paid for volunteering?
No, you will not get paid for volunteering for PCM

8. Will I be an employee of PCM once my application is approved?
No, the Volunteer is not considered an employee of the organisation.

1. Do I need to pay to attend PCM held events?
No, attendance is free although registration will be compulsory to assess numbers, as selected venues will be limited in capacity to 100.

2. Do I need to pay at the cash bar?
Yes, this a volunteer run event for the project controls community. However, during the conference, coffee or snacks will be provided for free by PCM..

3. Will I get a certificate for attending PCM?
Yes. A digital copy will be sent after the event to your email id.

1. How do I submit my papers to speak at PCM?
Visit www.projecontrolsmeet.com, select the event you wish to speak in, and complete the relevant form to submit your paper for selection.

2. Can I choose my slot to speak at PCM?
Yes, if your papers are approved, you can coordinate the timing with the PCM assigned Event Manager or volunteer of your chosen PCM.

3. How long can I speak/present at PCM held Events?
Speaker slots will last between 30 minutes.

4. Will I get any additional time for Q&A session?
No, Q&A time is included in your speaking slot

5. Do I need to pay for presenting a paper at PCM?
4 Slots are invited and 4 slots are paid. For paid slots, our Event Manager will contact you. For the free slots, you can use the ‘Call for papers’ option or get in touch with the volunteer to submit your papers for approval. Both options are subject to availability.

6. . Can I get more than 1 opportunity to speak at PCM?
No, only 1 slot will be allotted to each individual or organization.

7. Will I get a certificate for Speaking at PCM?
Yes. A digital copy will be sent after the event to your email id.

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